April 19, 2014

Diabolik lovers - Haunted dark bridal ( ★ω★ )

Hello everyone!
So, i've planned to post something today again. And since i thought, i want to do a little review to the PSP game "Diabolik lovers - Haunted dark bridal" i.. Uh, yeah, i'll do this for today (๑>ᴗ<๑)
I won't spoil anything (well, i'll try my best!), because surely some of you may get this game and it would be dumb, if you already knew what it all was about!

Many of you already know the story from the anime and actually it's pretty simple. After her father had to move abroad because of his job, Yui had to move to the mansion of the Sakamaki family. She didn't know about these people living in this classy looking mansion, but after she went in she met Ayato and noticed, that his heart wasn't beating. But after he woke up and one by one the other brothers appeared, she noticed by their attitude that they didn't act like normal people. Yui tried to escape, but the brothers went after her and she had no possibility to call her father. Now she's being tortured by the six vampire brothers; Ayato, Kanato, Laito, Subaru, Reiji and Shuu.
Well, i tried to explain it so i hope you somehow know now what the story is about.
But okay, now to the game!
Each character has its own story. The stories are split in 3 segments, Dark, Maniac, Ecstasy and then the ending. There are 3 different endings for each character.
Personally i think each story is good, every story describes and explains their somehow weird personalities. For example Kanato. There's a simple explanation, why he is like that, but of course you need to find out yourself. Of course the story goes on in the next game "Diabolik lovers - More blood". And for those who saw the anime -
Just in a few stories, but i won't tell in which, the story about Cordelia's heart appears. In some other stories there's not much about her and her heart and somehow it surprised me, in which story of the six brothers Richter actually appeared (´−`)

And what made me really happy in this game was that the brothers were a little, really just a little bit closer to each other. In the anime in the first episode it all went so fast, while in the game they had more time talking and discussing and whatever-brothers-do.
But all after all i like their stories, of course i have a personal favorite (it's Kanato, i LOVE him!), but you should find out yourself!

Well, under style i mean the drawings and how they put the dialogues together.
I think they drew the pictures very, very good! I love this style, it's really cute and romantic and with the perfect music in some scenes, it can get really intense. Just sometimes the dialogues are, uh, okay, actually i had no problem with them, but sometimes their faces didn't fit to what they said. For example their angry face, when i see it i actually expect them to be a little more louder, but sometimes.. Sometimes yeah, the expressions just didn't fit to what they said, but that's nothing big, i just noticed that.
Again to the dialogues - I think it's nice how everyone has his own style in what he says and stuff. For example in Reiji's dialogues he used alot more Kanji than Ayato, just simply because Reiji is more formal and that's what i like.

Wow, the music is  P E R F E C T (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞ Okay, the taste of music depends on each and every person itself, but i just love the music. But what made me somehow wonder was, that some soundtracks didn't fit to a character. Laito had a really rocking soundtrack, even tho i expected a somehow more, well, pervy soundtrack. You know what i mean (i hope). But actually it is, but there was a alot of rock or maybe even a little bit of metal. Ayato's soundtrack is a little bit mysterious. And Kanato, huehue, it just fits perfectly in my opinion. A little bit playful, but still a little like.. Kanato, you know
But i won't explain all brothers by now, so find out yourself ~
But i have to tell you, the music in their 'heaven scenarios' (more about it in gameplay!) is perfect. So romantic and i love these heaven scenarios!

Okay, i'm sorry, but i didn't really like how to play this game. It was really simple, every segment had 12 parts with 12 different scenarios. 1 prologue, 6 'unlock', 4 'lock' and 1 ending. And now what annoyed me, was that if you played one scenario and it's about a vampire danceball, the next one would be about getting yelled at, because you won a game against one of the brothers. Just like that, from the danceball to the mansion in a room, there's no little scenario in between what could explain how you got home, how you woke up and then played chess with one of the brothers. I don't know if that's the same in other Otome games, but somehow that's not what i've expected. Someone please comment me of their own experiences with other PSP Otome games, because the other dating sim games i played were on my laptop and my phone and it all was a full and fluent story with no gaps in between.
But okay, to the next thing!
All in all it was really easy to play and i understood it all with my crappy japanese i speak.
Also when you choose in every segment in the 'lock' scenarios the right answers, you will unlock for this character the 'heaven scenarios'. You can find them on the startsite in 'special'. 

So.. That's actually all i could tell you about it! I hope you like it (≚ᄌ≚)

April 11, 2014

Shingeki no Kyojin OVA 2!

Hello little buttercreamcakies ♡

I haven't posted anything since a week and a few days, so for today i'll give you a little Shingeki no Kyojin, attack on titan update and what i think about this OVA.
The second OVA is out, or how other people call it, episode 27 of Shingeki no Kyojin is out! If you haven't seen the first OVA/episode 26 of SnK, just google "Ilse's journal".
Here's the link for OVA 2 of Shingeki no Kyojin ♡ But guys, attention! It's the raw version, you sadly have to wait a little bit for an english sub!


Now my opinion on this OVA ( ⌒∇⌒ )
!i! SPOILERS !i!

You better should see it first, because i suck at writing reviews, so i can't explain what happened in this whole original video animation, sorry!
So, i really like Jean. I don't love him, but i like him very much, because he's the kind of boy every girl deservers, a boy that has a dreamgirl and gives it all to show his dreamgirl, Mikasa, what he can do. I was really, really surprised as he drew his dreamgirl before he met Mikasa. I mean, just imagine how he felt, as the girl of his dreams suddenly stood infront of him?
We all had this phase where we got really, really annoyed by our mothers. Well, but when i look at it, i think Jean has a really over protective mother and yes, in the scene, where she visited him infront of all his comrades and was like "Here, i brought some apples for your friends" Jean was too hard to her, just to throw all these nice, healthy apples onto the floor and push her out of the canteen. Yes, it surely was embarrasing for him, but that was still too hard. And when you look at the others, they actually had no problem with her. Nobody really laughed at him or his mother and even Eren was like "Dude what the hell", but Jean was afraid to be laughed at. Jean god damnit ( ಠ益ಠ)
The part, where Sasha and him were batteling each other to win this cook battle, it was somehow obvious that he would win. I knew that Jean would cook like his mommy and he put all his love and, you know, childhood memories into this little piece of meat.

Yeah guys, that's it! I hope i'll  get more ideas for stuff i could post (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

April 2, 2014

Webshops! ☆

Heyho, everyone! ♡
So, since i had alot of problems finding online shops (in english) for japanese stuff or cute clothes, i took my time to search for some of these. It's not that much, but let's see what i found! (≧∇≦)

Many girls may already know Bodyline, but whatever! It's a japanese webshop for Lolita clothes, cosplay, wigs, shoes and accessories. Oh, by the way - I just found these webshops, but i haven't bought anything from there after all (i would if i had enough money lol). But after some researches i think it's okay. For Lolita beginner it's good, because it's not that expensive, but in comparison to the brand dresses the quality isn't that good, but for the beginning it's okay! Lolita brand clothes are expensive as heck, so better start with bodyline or other webshops..

They actually sell just Maid dresses, shoes and other things to do with maids. But they're also goddamn expensive! Like one dress 200 to 300 dollars, but Maid and Lolita dresses are expensive in general, so you shouldn't expect too much from a japanese Maid dress webshop (;_・)
Webshop for unique and weird japanese gadgets. Well, japan is well known for this, but you should take a look on it! It's quite expensive too, but if you are a fan of stuff like that, then yeah, here you are

Webshop for japanese and korean cosmetic; Stuff like haircare, skincare and make-up! Well, there's not much to say about it. In my opinion it looks pretty serious, well, compared to some other webshops i've seen. Also in my opinion the price is fair so yeah, that's it about pretty and cute ( ´ ▽ ` )
I know this webshop for quite a time and i've seen alot of positive reviews about it. They have really cute clothes there, but also a little bit too expensive..! But well, it's your choice after all, but you really should take a look at it!

This actually is a german cosplay webshop, but since i know that they're no stupid liars (i often visit their shop and the quality is pretty good) i thought i could put it in here too. The cosplays are.. Yeah, also really expensive, but whatever. You can switch the language to english and besides cosplays they sell wigs, lenses, make-up, japanese magazines etc.

A shop for anime and manga merchandise, games, gadgets and alot of other stuff! I got my Diabolik lover haunted dark bridal game from their Ebay shop and i'm really happy with it. You can make bids too for auctions and as i got my game they gave me a flyer with a code for 1000Y off! (❁´▽`❁)   (like 12 dollars or 10 euros, something like that, better than nothing lol)

So guys, that's it (i told you it's not that much). I will update this post when i found more websites or webshops! And i'll do a game review to Diabolik lovers haunted dark bridal and (maybe) my cosplay set i got from mycostumes.de but that's it and thank you for your precious time! °˖ ✧◝(° ヮ °)◜✧˖ °

Welcome - And short introduction (´ヮ`) ♡

Hello people from all over the world!
My name is Fiona, but my friends call me Mito. I'm 15 years old and i love animes, mangas and japanese fashion ☆ I'm an normal otaku, like any other otaku girl. That means, that i spend the most of my time online with animes or reading mangas and stuff. I don't like showers or going out, because.. Showering is to me a waste of time and going out, i don't know where to go, it's boring (‘◇’)
I like making new friends and going through other otaku or fashion blogs, so comment your blogs name, so i can take a look on it!
I'll post stuff like anime, manga.. Well, otaku stuff in general, things such as these. And stuff about japanese fashion and music and other random stuff! So, just dare to take a look, you won't regret it! (●˙▿˙●)